2017 March for Children

Help promote the prevention of child abuse in Tucson, Arizona

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The Child Abuse Prevention Awards honor those who have made a difference in the continued fight against child abuse.  They can be a teacher, a neighbor, a caseworker, a therapist, or anyone who has helped families.  Awards are handed out in the following categories:
Resilient Family of the Year: 
Awarded to a family who has overcome a crisis, successfully navigated the Dependency system, and has put into practice the tools and skills they've acquired by demonstrating strong protective factors.  In other words, they've turned a crisis into an opportunity, challenges into strengths, and obstacles into successes. 
Keith Smith Foster Parent of the Year:
Awarded to an outstanding foster parent(s) who has made an impact in the lives of children and youth in foster care.
Awarded to any group, program, agency, or business who has made a significant impact in promoting the prevention of child abuse.
Awarded to any individual who has been involved in making a difference in the prevention of child abuse. 

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Deadline for all nominations is March 17th . 

Please write up to 250 words explaining the nominee's impact on child abuse prevention or child welfare in Pima County.  Please give specific details, including length of service to the community.